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10th Annual Sustainability Psychology Preconference

10th annual Sustainability Psychology Preconference

Data: 9 a 13 fevereiro 2020

See the full schedule at: All times are Eastern Standard.

Online registration for the preconference and main SPSP conference is open now. Rates are significantly reduced thanks to the virtual (and low carbon!) format.

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This year’s theme is “Climate Change at a Crossroads.” To reduce the risks of catastrophic climate change, urgent action is needed within the next decade. Recent events have shown that widescale mobilization to address collective problems is possible. How do we effectively employ social change to address climate change? What are the sticking points and how can they be overcome?

We invite researchers and practitioners, whether newcomers or established, to help us explore the latest research on climate change engagement, from understanding group processes and the role of identity, to examining interventions to encourage mitigation and adaptation. Of special interest will be research that examines these questions in light of the global pandemic and increased mobilization around social justice issues.

Our preconference includes a keynote address, invited speaker sessions on basic, applied, and policy research, blitz sessions, posters, and networking time.


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